We have a fully backed up team to provide the best re-mapping  service available using the best tools and equipment on the market.


Remapping and Tuning Options:


Quantum Green™ – Good Power & Maximum Economy

Designed to return an improved economy in turbo diesel engines.

By re-characterising the torque limits on the engine at lower rpm’s you will benefit from additional performance and improved economy. At higher rpm’s the software will encourage shifting up through the gearbox, to keep the engine running in its optimal window.

QuantumGreen is a very popular choice with large fleet owners, where the extra mpg improvement counts on the bottom line profit.

Quantum Blue™ – Hybrid & Power/Eco

The most popular remap choice, offering the best mix of power and economy in virtually all turbo diesel engines.

Designed to de-restrict the engine and open up the true torque and power range.

QuantumBlue offers a better driving experience while returning an improved fuel consumption figure.

Parameters are carefully managed to optimise best burn times and achieve optimum in-cylinder pressures.

Quantum Red™ – High Power & Ultimate Performance

Designed to fully unleash the full potential of your engine.

QuantumRed can be installed on both petrol and diesel vehicles.

Ideally used in situations where the extra power and torque is required for example moving extra heavy loads, running optimised acceleration, experiencing a wider torque window, or simply to enjoy your vehicle.


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Also available EGR solutions, DPF solutions and DTC removal.

Bench flashing as well as OBD



Bench flashing as well as OBD.





Full BDM programmingFull BDM programming

Full BDM programming

Battery monitored and stabilized throughout the process


Battery monitored and stabilized throughout the process.

Immobiliser solutions also available on most vehicles.

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