DPF Solutions


A DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) also known as FAP on some French vehicles, is a device fitted to the exhaust system of modern diesel vehicles to reduce emissions and meet European emission standards.

Blocked DPF

It does this by trapping Soot (Particulate Matter – PM) from the exhaust gasses while letting the gasses flow through the system.

You have the following options:-

DPF Regeneration – We can offer a regeneration service

DPF Replacement – We can replace the DPF, normally at a fraction of the main dealer cost.

DPF Cleaning – We offer a DPF cleaning service

DPF Recalibration – If you have had your DPF core removed, We may be able to recalibrate your vehicles ECU to stop your engine going into limp-home mode and clear the DPF warning light. Consumers must be aware of the legal implications (as above) of this being carried out.

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