We offer full diagnostics and programming on all makes of vehicle.

We can perform a wide range of Scanner functions including codes, live data parameters, functional & functional tests & resets/relearns advanced programming.

We have extensive coverage for many vehicle systems, including engine, transmission, body controls, instrument, ABS, airbag, TPMS, and many others.

A comprehensive initial scan on all modules on the vehicle highlights any problems you may or not know about,

  • A diagnostic check will detect any known issues in engine, breaking and safety systems.
  • Hardcopy reports of health check results can be provided.
  • A regular diagnostics health check can help identity pending component failure and possibly avoid a costly repair bill in the future.

Diagnostic Live Data

Diagnostic Live Data

We use OEM diagnostic tools for best results with up to date software with coding and programming functions.

Key programming and module matching on most makes and models.

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